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Give your mouth a vacation.  The flavours incorporated in these sauces will transport your taste buds to the countries that inspired our creators, Hungary, Germany, Turkey, France, and the Caribbean, and you don’t even need to pack a suitcase.  A young saucy Chilliwack couple, Richard and Vivien, have expanded Richard’s parents’ successful family handed down European recipes, spicing them up but never compromising the European quality.  


Both have a passion for gardening and cooking, and with entrepreneurial spirit wanted to create a hot aromatic spicy experience that no one has created before. They have now produced the ultimate flavour trip.  Tasting the sauces one can feel the climatic heat rising within sending the gustatory cells into a spin.  Unlike most sauces, there is no vinegary taste, just sultry hot but manageable.  In rectitude to the original proprietors of these recipes who are retired police officers, Richard and Vivien have cooked up some great names relating to front line workers whom they support admirably.

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