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    • This five-pack features our full collection of hot sauces. This set is a great way to try them all and find your favourites. They will take you through multiple flavour journeys with the Caribbean to European infusions. With such a variety and flavourful Pallett, there are so many ways to use these sauces. Use them as dips or marinades. They are a party's best friend with diverse flavours to spoil all taste bud needs.  Vegan and Gluten-Free!
    • Caribean Affair 
      Let's take an exotic ride through the tropics. A summertime breeze with a warm hint of cinnamon tingles the palette as mango cools the heat. The BBQ invites this intense flavour experience, as chipotle keeps the heat lingering.
    • Life support 
      Starting off with the natural flavour of fresh Bell peppers with a sweet honey undertone. Never give up, this punch of flavour will recharge you. Hints of Mango with a medium to high heat.
    • K9 Unit 
      Going back to ancient times rosemary is used to heal the human body. And ginger is the cure to all remedies. An aggressive bite that will never let you go. With a creative twist, this tomato-based universal sauce can be used on everything, it will become your every day with a medium to high heat.
    • Sauce - aggedon
      Watch the flames reach a boiling point, sizzling with a cranberry, tangy zesty BBQ punch that will leave your taste buds in shock. Starting off sweet and ending with a medium spice.
    • Sauce - squatch 
      Having trouble finding the right amount of heat? Let's wrap your mind around this smokey flavoured sweet bell pepper experience. With a hint of fresh greens and herbs. Recommendations white fish, sea scallops, muscles seafood Pork chops.

    The Mighty Five Pack

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